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The kids aren’t even out of school yet, and next winter’s oil prices are already on everyone’s minds. That's because local oil companies are rolling out their budget plans for next winter’s heating season, presenting consumers with the annual debate: to pre-buy or not?

Every year, I look up this personal finance blog for its clear discussion of the most common options. He hasn't posted predictions for the coming heating season yet, but the concepts remain the same.

Entreaties to save money, save the planet, or be a good citizen may not inspire people to conserve energy, but positive peer pressure sure does.  In this TED talk, Alex Laskey, founder and president of Opower, explains how human psychology can make us all better, wiser energy users, with lower bills to prove it.

What is there to say about June?

It's either 90 degrees or cold and rainy, and three days into the month, we've already managed both. Since there's no cutesy weather saying (no in like a lion, out like a lamb; no April showers or May flowers), I'm proposing this one:

Home Performance in June's not a moment too soon.

Bruce Merryman, Evergreen’s newest Production Manager, graduated from a Dale Carnegie course in Effective Communication last night, and President Richard Burbank (l) and General Manager Brian Schortz (r) were there to cheer him on.

There are a lot of houses out there, and a lot of them are inefficient, old, and uncomfortable – especially in Maine. From a resource management perspective, it makes sense to retrofit those homes rather than raze and rebuild. That’s why we do what we do.

That said, people are going to keep building new homes. It makes sense for that new construction to incorporate as many energy efficient technologies as possible. Green building needs to become the new normal.

You might think that dank basements and hot attics would provide enough excitement for Energy Advisor Jessie Davis. You'd be wrong.

Jessie is training for a 3-mile ocean swim to Islesboro, one of fifteen year-round island communities off the coast of Maine. The swim is a fundraiser for the Lifeflight Foundation, which provides emergency medical services for Maine's rural and island communities. 

This Mother's Day, invest in your family's comfort with a FREE energy efficiency consult from Evergreen Home Performance.  Our infrared analysis will identify the nooks, crannies, and uninsulated spaces that let warm air leak out of your home, and help us plan a comprehensive project to make your home warm, comfortable, and efficient.

Look at Evergreen Home Performance!

Our incredible team of twenty-two took time away from wet basements, hot attics, audit reports, phone calls, bookkeeping, and strategic planning to spend a morning together.

Kick off home improvement season by air sealing your home and take advantage of Efficiency Maine's  $600 rebate for making your home more energy efficient.

Spring is home improvement time! Kick off the season with these energy efficiency fairs and learn how investing in your home’s performance can save you money every month.


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