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I've been waiting for this for years. Talking to homeowners about the benefits of attic insulation and basement encapsulation, and wishing for those improvements for my own old house. And now, I have finally Evergreened My Home.

Evergreen Home Performance is growing! Since 2006, we've helped hundreds of homeowners gain comfort and cut costs. Along the way, we've trained dozens of home performance professionals.

Now it's time to train a few more: We're hiring new Field Technicians in the Portland-Brunswick area and in our home base of Rockland, Maine.

What a difference a week makes! My basement encapsulation project isn't quite finished - spray foam insulation is happening today - but it's already been an incredible transformation.

It’s confession time. This is my basement, before Evergreen came along. You might be impressed that my 1856 basement has a vapor barrier. I sure was, until I learned a thing or two about vapor barriers and realized that whoever installed mine did it all wrong.

This piece of plastic only covers the floor. A good vapor barrier extends up the walls to protect against all moisture, whether it evaporates up through the ground or weeps in through the foundation.

You know what they say about the cobbler’s children?

Well, starting on Monday, this cobbler’s kid is getting some new shoes. A year and a half after Phase 1 of my Evergreen Home Performance project, we’re starting Phase 2.

The energy efficiency community has been buzzing all week, boosted by President Obama’s State of the Union call to cut energy waste in half in the next twenty years. At Evergreen, we regularly cut home energy waste by 25% or more, so we’re not intimidated by that bold goal. We’re invigorated.

Here’s a confession: Sometimes even BPI-certified energy advisors have complicated, efficiency-challenged houses. Take Cree Hale Krull, who leads Evergreen’s charge in Maine’s southern Midcoast region. He’s the proud new owner of an older home that’s been full of efficiency surprises.

In case you hadn't heard, Maine got buried under 2 to 3 feet of snow last weekend, thanks to winter storm Nemo. We knew it was coming, so we all traipsed to the grocery store and topped off the fuel tanks and got ready.

And at Evergreen, we put together a postcard about ice dams. Did you get one?

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a warm, cozy home, right?


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