If you've ever sat next to a drafty, single-pane window, you've probably thought about investing in shiny new replacement windows.

There are plenty of good reasons to make that investment. If your windows are broken, covered with lead paint, won't open, or are just plain ugly, replacing them may be the right move. But don't replace your windows in hopes of saving energy - or money. When it comes to energy savings, replacement windows have a long payback period (up to 250 years!) that typically exceeds their relatively short service lifetime (15-30 years).

Custom-fabricated window inserts are an insanely cost-effective alternative.

Slipping a Window Cozy into a typical single-pane window will stop 50% of the heat loss through that window and make the room dramatically more comfortable. That's because the warmer surface of the Window Cozy - a whopping 6-8° warmer than the glass - makes the whole room feel warmer.

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