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March 14, 2016
One of the key components of an effective home energy audit is infrared thermography. Also called thermal imaging, it's the inspection of a home, including the basement, attic, and all the nooks and crannies, with an infrared camera.

MPBN's live, call-in radio program Maine Calling is talking about aging in place today. It's a great conversation, and it reminded us how important energy efficiency is for older homeowners.

Last week, when the temperature here in Rockland, Maine never topped 8°, we ran out of propane at the office.

Yes. We’re painfully aware of the irony: Energy efficiency company employees huddled around individual electric heaters, willing the thermostat to creep up to somewhere near comfortable.

You know about the polar vortex, right? The reason we all think 20 degrees is flip-flop weather?

Here it is, as captured by captured by NOAA's GOES-East satellite Monday morning. If you look closely, you can spot southern Florida, but the rest of the country is covered with frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills.

Midcoast Maine got 18" of snow this week, on top of the foot-plus that fell over the weekend.

Energy efficiency is fairly easy to define. But what does energy efficiency look like? And if you can’t see it, how can you engage with it?

After falling an embarrassing 13 spots last year, Maine rallied to #16 in the ACEEE’s 2013 State Energy Scorecard, earning a “most improved” rating from the non-profit organization.

Energy efficiency is regularly called our cheapest, cleanest, and fastest energy source.  It’s good for home comfort and safety, good for our pocketbooks, and good for the Earth. Evergreen makes it easy to plan and install cost-effective improvements that make homes more comfortable and energy efficient. (How easy? Contact us for a free consult and find out!)

If you're anything like me, it was easier to get up this morning than it has been in a while. It wasn't just the extra zzzs I caught over the weekend; yesterday's time change meant that it was already light when my alarm went off.

The grassroots Green Sneakers Project hosted an Energy Day last weekend to help interested homeowners learn how to slash their energy costs, keep warm, and help the planet. The group used Linda and Sam Nelson’s 200-year-old South Freeport home as a home performance laboratory. The day included:


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