Update 12/2018: Evergreen has completed Phase II of my house (insulating and installing air/moisture barrier on exterior walls, replacing old windows) and now that heating season is upon us, the difference is astonishing. The house is tight as a drum and so easy to keep warm. Worth every penny. Thank you all! Working with Evergreen was a positive experience from start (no charge energy audit) to finish (a MUCH more comfortable home). Brian Robinson spent a lot of time with me on the audit, explaining clearly what he was finding in my ca. 1946 house and what Evergreen could do to make it easier and cheaper to heat. Rick Stevenson and his crew - including the subcontracted plumber and electrician - were consummate professionals. Communication was excellent, the work was done on time and on budget, the house was left clean and tidy at the end of every day, and best of all, with the project taking place in January, we were able to immediately enjoy the improvements. Highly recommend.

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Rebekah W.