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Insulation plays a crucial role in your home’s performance and comfort. This is especially true with the full range of seasons we experience in the Portland area and throughout Coastal Maine. Unfortunately, it’s common for many homes to be under-insulated, creating high energy bills, indoor air quality issues, and inconsistent temperatures all year long.

At Evergreen Home Performance, we offer a wide variety of insulation services that can help any home become healthier and more comfortable—all while making them more affordable to heat and cool. We’ve been helping our community with our comprehensive insulation services since 2006, utilizing building science and a whole-home approach to produce long-lasting solutions.

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Benefits of Insulation

Insulation prevents the transfer of heat and works like a down jacket for your home. This layer of protection keeps warm air in your living spaces during the winter, and cool conditioned air inside throughout the summer. Insulating your Maine home can provide several year-round benefits, including:

  • More home comfort - Insulation helps your HVAC system reach your desired temperature faster and maintain it more consistently.  

  • Lower energy costs - Poor insulation and air leaks allow energy to escape your home. With upgraded insulation, you’ll notice lower heating and cooling costs and less wear and tear on your HVAC system. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint - Since less energy will be escaping your home with new insulation, your home will become more environmentally friendly. 

  • Improved indoor air quality -  Insulation—especially when paired with air sealing—helps to keep contaminants, pests, and moisture out of your home and promote cleaner, healthier breathing air for your family. 

  • Increased home value - Home buyers are likely to spend more for an energy efficient home, especially when it has proper attic and basement insulation.  

  • Sound dampening - Insulating your home can help keep outside noise levels from disturbing your peace and quiet. 

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Maximize Your Savings with Insulation Incentives

There are several rebates and tax credits available to homeowners throughout the Portland area and Coastal Maine that can make your home’s insulation upgrades more affordable. The team at Evergreen Home Performance stays up to date with the latest incentives and can guide you through the process of claiming them. From Efficiency Maine rebates to IRA federal tax credits, Evergreen Home Performance can help you save on insulation, air sealing, and more. 

We recommend getting started on your home insulation project with a home energy audit. This free initial assessment of your home’s performance gives our team valuable insight to both know where your home needs improvements and what type of insulation will be the most effective. Once your insulation project is complete, you’ll immediately notice a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, and more.    

Get started with insulation upgrades from Evergreen Home Performance today. Call 207-594-2244 or contact us online.

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