This winter’s record-low fuel prices are adding up to big savings – and big opportunities – for Maine families. Experts predict that households heating primarily with oil can expect to save an average of $1200 this year, and recommend that homeowners take advantage of the chance to lock in those energy savings for every year.

“Most of us don’t get this kind of windfall very often,” says Energy Advisor Brian Robinson. “Savvy homeowners are reinvesting that fuel savings ‘bonus’ in their homes and making improvements that will reduce their fuel use – and expenses – permanently.”

As a certified energy auditor, Brian assesses homes and engineers home comfort and energy-saving improvements like air sealing and insulation. Those comprehensive upgrades can cut home energy use by 25-50%, reducing fuel costs permanently.

“The beauty of improved energy efficiency is that the savings don’t depend on the price of fuel,” says Robinson.

A FREE Energy Consult is the first step toward those upgrades and energy savings that last, no matter what happens to the price of fuel.  Contact us at 594-2244 to learn more and to schedule your FREE energy consult.