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Your free one-hour consult is the first step toward making your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Here’s what you can expect during this hour-long process.

Free Energy Consult | Evergreen Home Performance | Portland, Maine


This is your opportunity to get to know your Energy Advisor and share your concerns. How does your home feel throughout the year? What changes would you like to see? 

Next, your advisor will ask you to show them around, from the basement to the attic and all the nooks and crannies in between. Each home is unique, so it's essential for us to be able to develop an understanding of the building  so that we can offer the appropriate cost-effective improvements.

Infrared Analysis

Infrared analysis lets us see temperature differences on all the surfaces of your home, providing a “behind the walls” look at air leaks and insulation gaps. Our equipment is sensitive enough to detect even small differences, so this assessment is informative all year round.

Consult Summary & Next Steps

By the end of the hour, you’ll have a pretty good sense of how your house works, and how it could serve you more efficiently. We’ll identify your home’s major efficiency challenges, explain how Evergreen’s services can solve those problems, and estimate your project cost.

Ready to take the next step?

Your free consult is our first step in an energy audit for your home. Move into the project design and execution phase and we'll continue your energy audit with in-depth analysis to help us design efficiency upgrades, present you with a concrete proposal, and execute your project.

Not yet the homeowner?

If you're under contract for the home of your dreams, consider a pre-sale energy consult. We'll identify current issues and plan improvements to help you enjoy a comfortable, efficient new home from day one.

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