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southern maine work crew evergreen home performance
September 17, 2021

If you are looking for a rewarding job in the Southern or Midcoast Maine area to start your career, all you'll need at Evergreen Performance is a thirst for camaraderie and a hard work ethic. Join our team of field technicians, window installers, energy advisors, and customer service representatives today.

students wearing graduation caps
September 13, 2021

Are you finished with your degree and looking for a job that involves your brain, your heart,  and your hands? We are hiring in Southern and Midcoast Maine! Join our team of field technicians, window installers, energy advisors, and customer service representatives today.

Evergreen Home Performance employees chatting and laughing together outside truck
September 10, 2021

Are you one of the many who have found a fresh start here in Maine, and are looking for a new career? Join the Evergreen Home Performance team of field technicians, insulation installers, energy advisors, and project managers today. We’re hiring throughout Southern and Midcoast Maine!

hire a vet with evergreen home performance
September 8, 2021

Learn what makes a job as a weatherization technician, insulation installer, or project manager at Evergreen Home Performance a rewarding career. Evergreen Home Performance is hiring, and we are looking for motivated US military veterans to join our team. We treat our own like family, so apply today!

semi finished basement of home
August 18, 2021

Learn how Evergreen Home Performance solves the problem of a wet basement, and how keeping your basement dry can make the rest of your home more enjoyable to live in. Evergreen Home Performance is a basement encapsulation and basement drainage contractor serving homeowners in midcoast and southern Maine.

small white house against tall trees forest
June 24, 2021

Turn your home into a healthy, comfortable, and efficient place for your family to work, learn, and play with whole home performance upgrades from the experts at Evergreen Home Performance. From attic insulation to basement encapsulation, we can improve your Maine home from top to bottom.

stairs to a basement
June 21, 2021

Wondering what's causing that stinky, musty, mold smell coming from your basement? Learn how to "stop the stink" in your Maine home with the basement experts at Evergreen Home Performance. Learn how basement encapsulation can keep your home dry, comfortable, and healthy this year. Schedule an energy audit to learn more.

view down the stairs into an older unfinished basement
June 14, 2021

Find out why your basement is always wet and musty and learn how the basement waterproofing experts at Evergreen Home Performance can solve your wet basement problems for good with air sealing, basement insulation, window replacements, basement encapsulation, and more.

front landing front door of house
May 24, 2021

Have you been thinking about a home air leakage test, but aren't sure how a blower door test fits into your home improvement project? Learn what a blower door test does, what it's supposed to measure, and how you can benefit from this diagnostic residential air leakage test from Evergreen Home Performance.

importance of home ventilation
March 3, 2021

Will ventilation keep your indoor air healthier? Learn about the home improvements needed to improve indoor air quality from the home performance experts at Evergreen Home Performance. Schedule an energy audit to learn more about the contaminants that could be in your air.


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