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What an Energy Audit Can Tell You About Your Home blog header image
April 19, 2023

An energy audit gives you detailed information about your home’s energy efficiency and health. Evergreen Home Performance offers a free energy audit as part of our insulation services. Schedule a free consultation today! 

Rebates and Incentives Homeowners Can Take Advantage of Today  header image
March 24, 2023

Are you a Maine homeowner looking to improve your home’s efficiency? There are programs available today to help you save. Contact Evergreen Home Performance to learn more about incentives and rebates that you can use to upgrade the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home right now. 

Eco-Friendly Insulation Options blog header image
March 17, 2023

Looking to upgrade the insulation in your Midcoast Maine home and wondering what eco-friendly solutions are out there? Contact Evergreen Home Performance and find the option that’s best for your home and the environment. 

The Inflation Reduction Act: What We Know and How to Prepare blog header image
March 9, 2023

Find out what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act and how it can save you money on energy efficiency home improvements like insulation and air sealing. Call Evergreen Home Performance today!

How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Home in Midcoast Maine blog header image
December 9, 2022

Learn how much it costs to heat a Maine home, and how you could reduce monthly heating costs thanks to the expert team at Evergreen Home Performance. We offer insulation and air sealing near you that will help you save on heating and cooling costs. Call today to learn more.

Is There a Best Time of Year for an Energy Audit? blog header image
September 23, 2022

A home energy audit can be performed at any time of year. Learn more about why an energy audit is worth it in any season. Learn more about our process at Evergreen Home Performance and schedule a free energy consult to get started today.

Moisture in attic
March 1, 2022

Every winter, Maine experiences weeks where the temperatures fluctuate between sunny days and bitter cold evenings. While it is nice for us Mainers to get a little respite from the frosty temperatures during the day, these temperature fluctuations may be wreaking havoc on your home. 

If you have noticed condensation, standing water, or frost accumulation in your attic at any point this year, here is what you need to know about how it might have gotten there, and the dangers of leaving this home performance issue unresolved. 

peak of house, blue with center window
December 22, 2021

Learn how to identify insulation issues in your southern and midcoast Maine home with these tips from Evergreen Home Performance. Evergreen can diagnose your insulation needs and help you live in a more comfortable home through attic insulation upgrades and air sealing. Schedule an energy audit to get started!

why work with everygreen, evergreen home performance work truck
December 15, 2021

Learn what makes a job at Evergreen Home Performance rewarding, fun, and impactful! Our team is handpicked and professionally trained to provide the best in energy efficiency and comfort upgrades for the homes of southern and midcoast Maine. Hear what our employees have to say, and see which jobs are available.

Home like a Mainer Infographic Header Evergreen home performance
December 3, 2021

What if we compared your home comfort systems to bundling yourself up for a winter day? Take a look at this infographic to learn how insulation is like a sweater, air sealing is like a wind-breaker, and basement encapsulation is like a pair of rubber boots. Evergreen Home Performance offers insulation services and window replacement.


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