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You might think that dank basements and hot attics would provide enough excitement for Energy Advisor Jessie Davis. You'd be wrong.

Jessie is training for a 3-mile ocean swim to Islesboro, one of fifteen year-round island communities off the coast of Maine. The swim is a fundraiser for the Lifeflight Foundation, which provides emergency medical services for Maine's rural and island communities. 

This Mother's Day, invest in your family's comfort with a FREE energy efficiency consult from Evergreen Home Performance.  Our infrared analysis will identify the nooks, crannies, and uninsulated spaces that let warm air leak out of your home, and help us plan a comprehensive project to make your home warm, comfortable, and efficient.

Look at Evergreen Home Performance!

Our incredible team of twenty-two took time away from wet basements, hot attics, audit reports, phone calls, bookkeeping, and strategic planning to spend a morning together.

Kick off home improvement season by air sealing your home and take advantage of Efficiency Maine's  $600 rebate for making your home more energy efficient.

Spring is home improvement time! Kick off the season with these energy efficiency fairs and learn how investing in your home’s performance can save you money every month.


Improving home energy efficiency has a huge environmental impact. That's why we most of us started doing this work, after all. (Making homes more comfortable and helping people save money turn out to be a pretty terrific side benefits.)

Still, it's easy to get discouraged. If you do, take a look at the Mother Nature Network's quick look back at the past four decades of America's modern environmental movement. We've come a long way since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970!

Warmer weather brings a sense of relief – no more shoveling! – and its own to-do list. Before you get too deep into all those projects, schedule a FREE one-hour consult with Evergreen Home Performance to evaluate how your home performed this winter.

It’s been 43 years since the first Earth Day. On that day – April 22, 1970 – 20 million Americans took to streets, parks, and auditoriums across the country to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. It was the birth of a movement that continues to challenge the status quo and push us to take responsibility for our impact on the environment.

This campaign from the U.S. Department of Energy encourages us all to take an "energy pledge," making a simple commitment to use less energy.

This campaign from the U.S. Department of Energy encourages us all to take an "energy pledge," making a simple commitment to use less energy.

What's your energy pledge?

Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day?

Put the Earth Day Forum at the top of your list. Hosted by the Midcoast Green Sneakers Project this Thursday, April 18, 7-8:30, at Rockland City Hall, the Forum offers an opportunity to hear about weatherization and energy efficiency, straight from the horse's mouth.


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