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What about windows?

We’ve all sat next to a cold window and felt the heat pulled out of our bodies.  There are plenty of imperfect solutions - insulated curtains, plastic over the windows – but custom-built inserts are the first truly elegant solution we’ve seen. Here's what you can expect: 

Window Assessment

Point out any problem windows during your initial energy consult and look at samples of our custom-built window inserts. Energy savings rarely justifies the cost and disruption of full window replacement, so choose these inserts to cost-effectively eliminate drafts, reduce heat loss, improve comfort, reduce outside noise, and prevent condensation on window glass.

Choose Your Window Insert

Indow Windows | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Lightweight acrylic Indow Windows inserts are custom-built for each window and stay in place thanks to a patented silicone spring bulb.  Easily installed and highly durable, Indows allow homeowners to preserve the historic character of their original windows while upgrading their comfort and performance. Even better, Indow Windows deliver the energy savings of a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost, and their installation is easy and construction-free.




Frequently Asked Questions

Shouldn't I just replace my windows?

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