December 15, 2021

The value of a good workplace has most certainly gone up now that Mainers are looking to get back to rewarding and secure careers, and here at Evergreen we believe a job as a weatherization technician, project manager, insulation installer, or window replacement technician is a superb option. 

Here are the top reasons to work at Evergreen Home Performance, according to some of our employees. 


A Job With a Mission

Our goal is to reduce environmentally harmful carbon emissions by reducing the energy needs of homes throughout southern and midcoast Maine. We do this through a science-based approach, using energy audits,  to improve homes with insulation upgrades, window replacements, basement solutions, and more. As an added bonus, we also make homes more comfortable! 

When the goal of your job is to help reduce the effects of climate change, while also making the customer happy in a comfortable and efficient home, there is a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day!

Help Your Fellow Mainers

While the mission is global, we act locally! When the customers you serve are also your fellow Mainers, friends, family, and neighbors, it is easy to see your local impact. You will be helping reduce the burning of fossil fuels and demand on the aging electricity grid, thus slowing the effects of climate change that affect Maine’s forests, oceans, and cities. 

Look Forward to Going to Work

We strived to create an environment where teamwork and excellence are the norm and the atmosphere is friendly, upbeat, and supportive.

When asked about what they liked about working at Evergreen, another employee answered:

“[They] hire good people who love working with people. Forgiving company even if you screw things up.”

Work With The Best

We know you want to work with the best—as do we! Evergreen is proud to be a top performer statewide for many years in Efficiency Maine’s home energy program and our work consistently receives high praise in 3rd party quality assurance inspections.

Provide A Service Homeowners Want

When you work at Evergreen Home Performance you are bringing a gift that keeps on giving!

When asked about what they liked about working at Evergreen:

“Bringing that pleasure to people - not about making money - it's engaging with people to make their lives better, [it’s a] great experience [bringing] happiness to people.”

Hear from our employees themselves by watching one of the videos below:

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