December 3, 2021
Home like a Mainer Infographic Evergreen Home Performance

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We Mainers are no strangers to bundling up for a cold day — so what if we looked at making your home comfortable and efficient similarly to the way we would prepare for braving a winter storm? The good news is, these home upgrades will keep your home increasingly comfortable during the hot and humid summer too!

Hat: attic insulation

Giving your home a nice attic insulation “beanie” will stop heat from escaping out the top of your house, while also preventing summer heat from infiltrating during the warm months.

Sweater: Exterior wall insulation

The insulation in your exterior walls will keep your home warm like a thick and cozy sweater, while also preventing the summer sun from warming up the exterior of your home, and thus your interior temperatures. 

Wind breaker and pants: air sealing

We all know that a thick wool sweater provides thermal protection, as long as the wind isn’t blowing through it! Combining insulation with air sealing is the best way to control the flow of heat in a home. Air sealing provides an airtight seal for your indoor living space much like a wind breaker and pants, preventing air from freely moving in and out and keeping your home dry and healthy. 

Goggles: New windows

Your windows are how you safely see the world from your living room, without affecting your indoor comfort. Professionally installed windows and doors add to the airtight seal of your home, while improving curb appeal and reducing energy loss. Special tints and coatings allow you to customize your experience, either augmenting the amount of light/heat entering your home for passive heating or shading it from the glare.

Wool socks: Basement insulation

Before you put your shoes on, you’ve got to make sure your feet will stay at a comfortable temperature! This is similar to the insulation in your basement, which will keep temperatures in your basement more consistent, improving the comfort of the rest of your home in the process. 

Boots: Basement encapsulation

If you don’t have a pair of waterproof boots here in Maine, are you even a Mainer?  Encapsulating your basement to keep it dry is like wearing a pair of trusted rubber boots conformed to your feet. Basement encapsulation lays the foundation for a dry, comfortable, healthy, and efficient home!

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