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March 29, 2024

Insulating your home can provide numerous benefits, like more comfort, lower energy bills, and healthier indoor air. While insulation installation may seem easy enough for homeowners to tackle themselves, especially those accustomed to DIY home improvement projects, it requires attention to detail and several things can go wrong if done incorrectly.

Insulation is a complicated process that requires a strong understanding of building science principles to get many of its promised benefits. Evergreen Home Performance is a local insulation contractor in the Portland area and throughout Coastal Maine. We offer high-quality, whole-home solutions to attic insulation, air sealing, and more.  

Benefits of Professional Insulation

Insulation can last in your home for decades, however its performance heavily depends on the quality of installation. If not installed properly, insulation won’t solve comfort issues or lower your energy bills, and it can even cause damage to your home. Professional insulation, on the other hand, offers many benefits to homeowners.


Every home has a unique set of needs and inefficiencies, and an experienced insulation contractor will be able to easily pinpoint the source of problems you’re dealing with. At Evergreen Home Performance, we have nearly 20 years of experience insulating homes throughout Coastal Maine and Portland. We’ve seen a wide variety of home styles and insulation issues and can help you find the best solution for your home’s specific needs.


Knowing the signs of a poorly insulated home and the proper ways to solve them is crucial to a successful insulation project. Climate, home design, along with several other factors contribute to your insulation needs, which makes having a strong understanding of building science important. The team at Evergreen Home Performance is BPI-certified, which gives us the necessary knowledge to provide reliable and long-lasting insulation services. 


Some types of insulation, such as spray foam insulation, are made of chemicals that need to be handled with caution, and having the right protective gear is crucial. Without the proper installation equipment and tools, insulation installation presents safety concerns that could lead to long-term health effects. Your safety is our top priority at Evergreen Home Performance, and we follow strict protocols to ensure everyone in your home, including your pets, is protected from off-gassing and other issues.

Peak Performance

Many DIY insulation projects don’t fully protect a home from the outside elements—which is crucial here in Maine. Gaps in insulation and air movement make it ineffective and can even shorten the lifespan of the materials used. This will lead to a higher cost of insulation because the work will need to be fixed or redone to work properly. At Evergreen Home Performance, we measure the results at the end of every insulation project we complete so you can have accurate data on how well it performs, and we will always make adjustments if necessary.

Eligible for Incentives

Many incentive programs, including Efficiency Maine rebates, require that your insulation is professionally installed to receive reimbursement. Incentives like these can drastically cut the cost of insulating your home, making it more affordable for homeowners to choose professional insulation over DIY. As a participating contractor in the Efficiency Maine rebate program, Evergreen Home Performance can help you maximize your savings. 

Evergreen Home Performance: Portland & Coastal Maine’s Insulation Experts

Our team follows a specific process that allows us to find out where your home may be losing energy, and it starts with a free consult. We’ll listen to the issues you may be experiencing throughout the year and any concerns you have with your energy bills or comfort. From there, we’ll perform an infrared analysis to find gaps in your insulation and potential air leaks. 

The whole process takes about an hour and at the end, we’ll recommend services and give you a detailed estimate of the project cost that includes any qualifying incentives. Get peace of mind with your insulation upgrades and work with Evergreen Home Performance. Our professional insulation services will help improve your home comfort, efficiency, indoor air quality, and more. 

Schedule your free consult with our team today. Call 207-594-2244 or contact us online to get started.

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