The news:  We've forged an innovative partnership with Maritime Energy designed to help homeowners and businesses satisfy their energy needs through good fuel service and energy efficiency.

The thinking:  The reality is that even after extensive efficiency upgrades, the vast majority of our customers still need some level of fuel.  We’re proud to work with a fuel provider that has customers’ best interests at heart.  “Maritime’s proactive efforts to encourage energy efficiency really impress us,” said Evergreen Home Performance President Richard Burbank. “They understand that homeowners want – and need – to cut their energy waste, and they’re willing to adjust budget plans to reflect the savings homeowners achieve with energy efficiency projects.” 

The impact:  When a Maritime customer with a fuel contract based on prior usage undertakes an efficiency project, Maritime will reduce the budget plan to reflect the savings, which can then be used to pay for the improvements.  Evergreen is adept at helping homeowners navigate financing options, including long-term, low-interest PACE and PowerSaver loans from Efficiency Maine.  The loans can be applied to variety of equipment upgrades and efficiency measures, including air sealing, insulation, and basement encapsulation.

Not a Maritime customer?  No worries.  We respect the homeowner-vendor relationship and will continue to coordinate with other fuel providers.

Questions? To learn more about our partnership with Maritime, or to schedule a FREE consult and learn how you can gain comfort and cut costs, contact us or call 594-2244.