You probably already know that Efficiency First, the national association for the building performance industry, supports building performance companies in dozens of ways, from national advocacy efforts to live webinars and member education programs. 

(If you're not already a member of Efficiency First, go join now. I'll wait.)

The Evergreen team has participated in dozens of these webinars, on both the listening and the presenting side of the screen. (April was an especially big month, when Brian did one on Building an Effective Home Performance Team, and Kathleen did one on Post-Retrofit Marketing Strategies.) One of the nicest parts of growing our business has been the opportunity to share a little of what we've learned along the way, an we're especially excited about tomorrow's webinar - Planning for Success:How to Write an Effective Business Plan.

Co-owner Elise Brown will recount the story of the business plan we developed in 2011, when our capactiy for growth bumped up against limited equipment, cash flow, and resources. Writing a business plan wasn't easy, but it helped us hone our goals. A solid business plan not only helped us secure financing from local development organizations and private banks, it also gave us a focused point of reference. It really did help us plan our business.

Elise will be joined by Celia Canfield of EcoVertex and Donna Sanders of 106 Greenway. Tune in to find out what elements you should include in your home performance business plan, and how to refine your plan when faced with problems or opportunities.