It happens all the time.

This year's mild temperatures notwithstanding, long, cold winters loom large in our memories.  Homeowners don't want to be uncomfortable, and HVAC contractors don't want to be called back because the heating system can't keep up.  So systems get sized a little big, just to be on the safe side.  An over-sized system compensates for leaks in the building envelope and eliminates many comfort complaints.  Sure, it costs more up-front and wastes energy and money for the life of the system, but that's the way it goes. 

Unless, of course, you maximize home performance before you replace your HVAC system.  When you start with a complete home energy audit and button up your building envelope, you reduce the heating load, however you calculate it.  And when you calculate it right, with award-winning energy-modeling software approved by the Department of Energy, you can choose a system sized to heat your home effectively and efficiently.

The synergy between comprehensive efficiency upgrades and thoughtfully chosen heating systems is one more reason we work closely with the HVAC contractors we trust, and why we're excited to formalize our partnership with Maritime Energy

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