Happy June!  We're as happy to see warm, sunny weather as the next guy, but it's not because we're headed into three blissful months of vacation.  Home performance is a year-round endeavor.  Here are the top three reasons we spend the summer in hot attics instead of on hot beaches:

1. We can.  Our infrared analysis is sophisticated enough to reveal small temperature differences.  By scheduling consults in the cooler mornings during the hottest months of the year, we get a clear picture of any air leaks and insulation deficiencies.  Not convinced?  Check out this video of a summertime infrared scan.

2. You'll notice the difference immediately.  Warm weather brings a different set of problems with the same solution.  The underperforming insulation that kept you shivering all winter will keep you sweating all summer.  Since most Maine homes don't have central air conditioning, uncomfortable conditions are the flip side of our high winter fuel bills.  Strategic air sealing and expertly-installed insulation will improve comfort and cut costs year-round.

3. Winter isn't really so far away.  We know, we know - no one wants to admit it.  But the local oil companies send out budget plans for next heating season before the kids are even out of school.  Get the ball rolling now.  We'll upgrade your home's efficiency while you hit the beach.