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September 10, 2023
Effective Ways to Lower Your High Energy Bills infographic

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Do you have high energy bills? Follow these energy-saving tips from Evergreen Home Performance to start saving and make your home more comfortable at the same time. 

Remove Old & Damaged Insulation

Most Maine homes we see have insufficient or improperly installed insulation, making them prone to comfort and health issues. Under the right circumstances, insulation should last for decades—but if it gets wet, damaged, or is improperly installed, it becomes less effective. Replacing your old insulation will not only help you save on your energy bills, it will make your home healthier and more comfortable too!. 

Attic Insulation

One of the most common sources of energy waste in a home is from attics. By adding attic insulation, you can keep conditioned air in your home where it belongs to lower both your heating and cooling costs and get year-round comfort. 

Basement Treatment

Basements are known for being damp and musty—but they don’t have to be! Basement encapsulation improves your indoor air quality by controlling moisture and air infiltration that can lead to high humidity levels and mold growth. By also adding basement insulation, you’ll keep your home protected from pests, structural damage, and enjoy more stable temperatures throughout the year. Insulation will also keep cold air from infiltrating your basement and getting into your home.

Air Sealing

Insulation works best when it’s combined with air sealing. Where insulation slows the transfer of heat in or out of your home, air sealing reduces heat loss by sealing small gaps and cracks where conditioned air escapes. Air sealing also has the added benefit of filtering the outdoor air to stop pollutants - including wildfire smoke -  and allergens from entering your home. 

Get an Energy Assessment

Before you begin any home performance project, Evergreen Home Performance recommends getting an energy audit to evaluate where your home has inefficiencies. We even offer a free consult to help you take the first step to lowering your energy bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency, health, and comfort. 

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