Moisture in attic
March 1, 2022

Every winter, Maine experiences weeks where the temperatures fluctuate between sunny days and bitter cold evenings. While it is nice for us Mainers to get a little respite from the frosty temperatures during the day, these temperature fluctuations may be wreaking havoc on your home. 

If you have noticed condensation, standing water, or frost accumulation in your attic at any point this year, here is what you need to know about how it might have gotten there, and the dangers of leaving this home performance issue unresolved. 

Why is there Moisture in Your Attic?

Though moisture can accumulate in your attic for a few different reasons, one of the most common causes of condensation in your attic is that your attic is under-insulated. Figuring out the exact cause of the moisture in your attic should be done with a thorough inspection.

Why is Attic Insulation Important?

When an attic is sufficiently insulated, heat won’t move as quickly between your indoor living space and the outdoors. In cooler months, insulation will prevent the heat from your living space from escaping up through the attic and out through the roof, keeping your indoor temperatures stable and reducing the amount of energy required to keep you comfortable. In the warmer months, insulation will also keep summer heat out and your conditioned air in. 

What Can Happen to Attic Insulation Over Time?

If batt or spray foam insulation is damaged, or if there wasn’t enough installed in the first place, or if warm conditioned air from your living space meets the cold temperatures and forms condensation in your attic, your insulation will lose much of its effectiveness. This can be made worse if there is also a lot of air leakage in the attic, which allows for more air (and additional moisture) to infiltrate the space. 

Is Attic Moisture Bad if Left Unchecked?

Yes, moisture is bad when left unchecked for a few reasons. Excess moisture leads to a mold problem, which can pose a threat to the structure of your home as well as your health. Plus, moisture will damage any remaining insulation in your attic, making the problem even worse in a short period of time. 

Have you noticed any of the following symptoms in your home?

  • A musty or moldy smell

  • Visible mold growth

  • Frost in your attic

  • Wet wood or standing water accumulation

These signs could indicate that there has been a moisture issue in your home for a while, and it is time to solve the problem before it gets worse.

The Next Step: Schedule a Free Consult

In order to develop a customized plan for reducing the moisture in your attic (and in your home overall), a trusted home insulation contractor like Evergreen Home Performance should perform a free energy consult.

 This comprehensive analysis uses thermal imaging & diagnostics to help see exactly where the lapses in your insulation are, how many air leaks are present throughout your entire home, and whether you would benefit from added measures like attic air sealing & ventilation. Your free consult will increase the effectiveness of your home improvement project and will make you and your family more comfortable!

Get the water, mold, and moisture out of your attic for good when you Evergreen your home! Call Evergreen today to schedule your energy audit. (207) 594-2244 or get in touch here.

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