In early January, the Evergreen Home Performance team was presented with an award from Efficiency Maine. We’re honored to be on the list of top Efficiency Maine Residential Programs for three years running.

Sharing a Common Goal: Energy Efficiency

At Evergreen, we share common values with Efficiency Maine. We want homeowners throughout the state to have the opportunity to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient with high-quality air sealing, insulation, heating systems and appliances. These upgrades help to make homes more comfortable and lowers energy bills for residents.

As a business, we appreciate Efficiency Maine’s quality assurance program. It lets us know we’re on the right track with the work that we’re doing because we consistently get good feedback about the quality. With the pride and care we take in our work and our service, it’s great to be recognized by Efficiency Maine and our customers.

Efficiency Maine Rebates & Financing

In addition to aligning with the Efficiency Maine philosophy, we are always excited for our customers when they qualify for rebates or financing, helping make their home energy improvements even more affordable.

Efficiency Maine provides residents throughout Maine with various incentives, including:

  • $50 off an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer

  • $750 off an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater

  • Up to $2,600 off weatherization solutions, including air sealing and insulation

  • Up to $750 off ductless mini-split heat pump installations

  • Up to $500 off renewable fuel heating, including pellet and wood stoves

  • Up to $500 off an ENERGY STAR certified furnace or boiler

  • Up to $5,000 off pellet boilers and geothermal systems

  • Up to $12,500 for implementing natural gas conservation measures including high-efficiency heating systems and commercial kitchen equipment

On top of these rebates, all Maine homeowners can apply for financing on their home energy project. This makes the possibility of a comfortable, energy efficient and healthy home accessible to everyone.

Increasing the Efficiency of Midcoast & Southern Maine Homes

With our two office locations, in Rockland and Portland, the Evergreen team is able to serve homeowners all the way from Bar Harbor to Southern Maine. By focusing on the rebates and financing options available, we’re able to show everyone the potential their home has for being comfortable and efficient while helping them save money on their monthly expenses and reducing their impact on the environment.

See how your home can benefit from Efficiency Maine’s programs. Contact us or call (207) 594-2244 to learn more or schedule a consultation!