January 23, 2018

Do you have areas in your home that just never seem to get warm in the winter, or astronomically high heating bills even though you keep your thermostat at a modest setting? If so, your home is probably not as energy efficient as it could be. Home efficiency issues are not always easy to find — especially when they are rooted somewhere inside your walls. Fortunately, thanks to infrared diagnostic technology, you can look at what’s going on inside your walls and pinpoint the source of home efficiency issues.

What Is Infrared?

You might think of infrared as a way to see inside your walls. Infrared thermography, also called thermal imaging, works by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by all objects. Because infrared radiation increases with temperature, thermal imaging is able to show you temperature differences between objects or along surfaces. This makes thermal imaging an extremely valuable tool when conducting home energy audits. During a home energy audit, an energy auditor uses thermal imaging to pinpoint home efficiency issues, such as where heat may be escaping your home during the winter and entering in the summer or the locations in your home that are uninsulated. Using thermal imaging to pinpoint home efficiency issues is called infrared diagnostic testing.

Does My Home Need Infrared Diagnostic Testing?

If you have high energy bills, inconsistent indoor temperatures, or drafts, it’s a good idea to have infrared diagnostic testing conducted on your home. Having your home evaluated by someone trained in infrared thermography will shed valuable light on your home’s overall energy efficiency. You’ll discover that hidden air leaks and insulation gaps could be undermining your home’s comfort and efficiency. You may also see some unexpected things, such as how an uninsulated water pipe or recessed lighting is causing heat to escape during cold weather. Ultimately, infrared diagnostic testing will give you valuable information about your home’s energy efficiency and point you towards improvements which will help you make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Let Evergreen Diagnose Your Home

It can be hard to balance home comfort with energy efficiency, especially here in Maine where winter weather makes us want to crank up our heating systems. If you want to make your coastal Maine home cozier and more efficient, let trained and nationally-certified Evergreen Building Analysts diagnose your home with infrared testing. After diagnosing your home, we’ll help you make improvements like air sealing and insulation to optimize your home for Maine’s unique climate.

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