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Your home energy audit is the cornerstone of Evergreen's project design phase. This evaluation gives us the data we need to pinpoint problems and engineer solutions. Here’s what you can expect:

Energy Efficiency Audit | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Infrared Inspection

We get a good first look at your home during your free energy consult, and we begin the audit with a more thorough inspection, top to bottom, inside and out. We look for common problems based on the age and style of your home, use infrared analysis to detect air leaks or insulation gaps, and take photos to document these issues as well as your home’s particular conditions.

Blower Door Test & Energy Audit | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Blower Door Testing

The bright red blower door that measures your home's "leakiness" is the most recognizable part of a home energy audit. It provides crucial information about how quickly air moves through your home. Too fast, and you waste energy by heating air that will soon leak out of your house. Too slow, and your tight house may concentrate indoor air quality problems. 

During the energy audit, we use the blower door’s large calibrated fan to measure airflow, determine the rate of air exchange, and pinpoint leaks that inflate that rate. Though some leaks are visible, most are due to the stack effect, in which cold air presses in through your foundation and warm air leaks out through your roof.

Health & Safety Testing

The safety of your home is our first priority. We test for carbon monoxide – a poisonous byproduct of all combustion appliances, including fuel-burning furnaces, boilers, water-heaters, and space heaters – and ensure that chimneys, flues, exhaust fans are functioning appropriately. We also look for indications of other health hazards, including asbestos, high moisture levels that could foster mold growth, and outdated electrical wiring.

Other Considerations 

Your house is a system, and every variable – from the building envelope and heating system to the way you use your space – affects your comfort and energy costs. We note your fuel use history, domestic hot water production, condition of your windows and doors, and more.

Project Design

This whole-house assessment provides a big picture of your home’s current performance and reveals opportunities to help you create a healthier, more comfortable home with lower energy costs, increased property value, and greater durability. We report that information and recommend improvements that could cut your overall heating and cooling costs by 25-50%.

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