Homeowners can claim federal tax credits for energy efficiency improvements made in 2015 and 2016, thanks to an extension of the Residential Energy Tax Credit. The credit covers 10% of the materials cost of certain improvements, up to $500. The credit had previously expired at the end of 2014, but a late-December budget deal extended it both retroactively and forward till the end of 2016.

“People who invested in energy efficiency improvements last year just got a happy surprise,” says Evergreen Home Performance President Richard Burbank. Evergreen has helped hundreds of Maine homeowners make improvements like air sealing and insulation; 2015 customers who would like to receive information about claiming the tax credits should let us know!

Homeowners contemplating an energy efficiency upgrade in 2016 can move ahead confident that the Residential Energy Tax Credit is in place. To learn more, or to schedule a FREE energy consult and begin planning your improvements, contact Evergreen at 594-2244.