Every industry does it. We use words that mean so much to us that we don’t realize that they’re meaningless to the rest of the world. This series - Energy Efficiency Buzzwords De-Buzzed– attempts to change that. Have a “green” word or phrase you want de-buzzed? Let us know and we’ll add it to the series!

Today’s buzzword: Home Performance

This one means so much to us that it’s in our name, but why?

When we talk about home performance, we talk about how a house works. Not how the windows work, or how the heating system works, but about how the whole thing functions as a system.

We pay attention to your comfort, energy use, indoor air quality, indoor moisture sources, and building durability, because all of those aspects of your home are connected.  (If you’ve ever cranked the heat to make your home comfortable but been dismayed by the energy use it required, you already know this.)

So what does home performance look like?

It starts with big-picture assessment of your home to discover exactly how your house works and how it could work better. From that, we engineer comprehensive improvements like insulation, air sealing, and basement encapsulationto meet your goals. Once we’ve installed those improvements, we repeat the initial assessment to confirm that your house performs better.

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