Many houses throughout Maine, especially older ones, suffer from various basement issues. If your home’s basement is unfinished and unencapsulated, you may be dealing with these problems regularly and not even know it.

Many houses throughout Maine, especially older ones, suffer from various basement issues. If your home’s basement is unfinished and unencapsulated, you may be dealing with these problems regularly and not even know it.

Most homeowners aren’t even aware of just how serious the issues can be if not properly addressed. Your basement has an influence over just how healthy, energy efficient and pleasant your entire home is, so if the basement in your house has problems with leaks, cracks, mold or pests, it needs to be encapsulated.

Common Basement Problems

From Bar Harbor down to Cape Elizabeth, many homes are suffering from the same concerning issues, including:

  • Leaks Causing Problems with Moisture & Mold

Basements that aren’t encapsulated tend to experience a buildup of moisture, particularly in the transition from winter to spring when leaks can easily appear due to the melting snow and influx of rain. The dark, damp environment fosters the growth of mildew and mold which can weaken the structural integrity of your home.

The moisture and mold also compromise indoor air quality. With mold spores and contaminated particulates floating around in your home’s excessively humid air, allergy and asthma symptoms are exacerbated.

  • Air Escaping & Entering

Air leaks contribute to poor indoor air quality. Radon, a colorless, odorless and radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer, can more easily infiltrate and endanger your family.

With cracks and gaps constantly letting air in and out, your home’s energy efficiency begins to suffer. You’ll notice chronic discomfort with areas of your home that are never quite the right temperature. Your heating and cooling systems will work exceptionally hard to keep you comfortable, increasing your energy bills.

  • Breeding Grounds for Pests & Rodents

Basements with cracks and gaps are perfect homes for pests and rodents. Their presence affects indoor air quality and can even introduce other illnesses. Over time, these unwanted creatures can also make their way upstairs and infest your home.

Basement Encapsulation Process

At Evergreen Home Performance, we strive to address all the problems that can be plaguing your basement with a comprehensive encapsulation process. It will make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient while also being the first step towards a finished basement, if that’s an upgrade you’re considering in the future.

1. Drainage for Bulk Water

Since moisture is one of the main issues affecting basements from the Midcoast down to Southern Maine, we begin by drawing away excess water. We build a trench and install a sump pump system to address bulk water. Our team also installs an effective water channeling system to draw water away.

2. Vapor Barrier Installation

Since water can also infiltrate through excess moisture in the air, our expert team will install an airtight, durable vapor barrier. The vapor barrier always runs under support posts and appliances, and up the foundation walls, where it’s fixed with spray foam insulation.

3. Concrete Slab

After the vapor barrier is in place, most homeowners have a new concrete slab installed. A durable, level surface will make it easier to convert the basement into living space in the future.

4. Radon Mitigation Preparation

We want your home to be safe and healthy for you and your family. That’s why our basement encapsulation process includes measures for radon mitigation preparation like helping with radon testing and making sure your project is fully compatible with a radon ventilation system.

Midcoast & Southern Maine Basement Encapsulation by Evergreen

If your basement is damp, moldy, drafty and infested, it’s time to encapsulate the space. Not only will this make finishing the basement much easier in the future, but you’ll also get rid of issues that cause discomfort, health and energy efficiency concerns in your home. The experienced, professional and caring experts at Evergreen Home Performance are here to help.

Ready for improved home health, comfort and energy efficiency? Take the first step towards a finished basement by contacting us or calling (207) 594-2244 to schedule a consultation for basement encapsulation today.