Vera has called this lovely little log cabin home for thirty years. It's full of memories, and she has no interest in leaving it. But her husband passed away a few years ago, and Vera's children worried that she couldn't keep up with the maintenace a log home requires. The house was cold and drafty, and they'd started talking about nursing homes when Vera's daughter met Evergreen Energy Advisor Brian Robinson by happenstance.

Suddenly, another possibility opened up. If they could make the house comfortable - and keep the heating bills manageable - Vera could stay. Read Vera's story to find out how Evergreen's air sealing, insulation, and custom Window Cozys reduced air leakage by 22% and made it possible for Vera to age in place.

As the population ages, more and more people will wrestle with decisions like Vera's: can they stay in their family homes? The conversation will be different for each family, but the bottom line is that energy efficiency makes aging in place comfortable, affordable, and possible.

Whether you’re aging in a beloved family home or a new space, you’re probably seeking lower maintenance, lower bills, greater comfort, and greater health. Contact us today to learn how Evergreen can help.