The NEIF EnergyPlus Loan

When it comes to making your home a safer, healthier, more comfortable and more efficient place to live, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the financing option you choose is going to undermine the benefits of your home improvements. Thanks to the National Energy Improvement Fund's (NEIF) EnergyPlus Loan, Maine homeowners can take advantage of this simple interest, unsecured installment loan for improvements that do not fall under the financing of the Efficiency Maine program

By focusing on increasing the affordability of energy and resiliency improvements, NEIF is the nation's only Certified B Corp improvement lender, and is a Home Improvement Expert partner of the U.S. Here’s how it works. 

Benefits of an EnergyPlus Loan

  • Finance 100% of your improvement from $2,500 to $35,000

  • True fixed rate, fixed monthly payment (no adjustable rate, “teasers” or surprises)

  • 3, 5 or 10 year terms

  • Not another credit card. No lien on your home. No home equity required

  • No points, fees or closing costs. No penalty for pre-payment or to pay extra each month to pay off faster

  • Instant credit decision, easy paperless process

  • Full support from NEIF's knowledgeable Energy Lending Specialists

  • Only for work performed by NEIF Approved Contractors

How to Apply for an EnergyPlus Loan

Step 1. Get an Estimate

Contact Evergreen, a NEIF Approved Contractor, and get an estimate for qualifying improvements (see below for a list of qualifying improvements).

Step 2. Get Fast Approval

Submit your application online (or Evergreen can do it for you) and receive an instant decision. Click below to use the NEIF Pre-Qualification Tool:

Pre-Qualify MidCoast Maine

Pre-Qualify Portland & Southern Maine 

3. Installation & Payment to Contractor

Evergreen will send NEIF a copy of the estimate, identifying the final price for the qualifying improvements. After you have received and signed the electronic loan documents, Evergreen will receive payment only after your home improvement project has been completed to your satisfaction.

Are You Eligible for an EnergyPlus Loan?

As long as you are making one of the following home improvements to your primary residence or vacation home*, your project will qualify. All income levels are eligible, though you will be subject to a credit check and must be able to repay the loan.

*must be a 1 to 4 unit on a permanent foundation

You can include other home improvement projects into your EnergyPlus financing, as long as 50% of the financed project includes the following:

  • Electrical Work - Improve home safety with wiring upgrades prior to insulation

  • Plumbing Work - Relocate supply or waste lines for basement bulkhead door or new insulation installation

  • Roofing  - Repair or replace roofing during attic airsealing & insulation project

  • Siding - Repair or replace siding during exterior wall insulation project

  • Tank Removal & Replacement - Remove/replace old fuel tanks during basement vapor barrier installation

  • Windows & Doors  - Enjoy the energy, aesthetic, and function benefits of new units at a low monthly cost!

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