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Evergreen Home Performance, Air Sealing, ME
November 10, 2017
It’s been a warm autumn in New England but now that it’s November, there’s no denying that the cold is creeping in fast. The Maine coast is as rugged as it is beautiful, and homeowners from Camden to Kennebunkport know the only way to weather the winter is to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.
October 31, 2017
As you weatherize your home for the upcoming winter here in Maine, are there crucial steps that you might be missing? To help you better prepare your home to be comfortable as temperatures drop, here are a few key weatherization steps that homeowners often miss.
Fall Sweater
October 24, 2017
From Belfast to Portland, evenings in Maine are getting cooler. You’re probably swapping out your t-shirts and sandals for warm sweaters and boots, but have you thought about what your home might need to stay warm as the weather gets colder?
Marvin Windows on Maine Home
October 16, 2017
Many Maine homes, from Rockland and down the coast to Portland, were built hundreds of years ago; often, they carry significant history. Old homes like these require constant, loving upkeep. They also provide their owners with a charm, grace and tradition that newer homes can only imitate.
Evergreen Home Performance, window and door installation, ME
October 12, 2017

It’s important to know whom you can trust with your home. Fortunately, if you live in the midcoast and southern Maine area, you can count on Evergreen Windows & Doors to offer the highest quality window and door installations available.

Maine Home
August 9, 2017
From Rockland down the Maine coast, many homeowners live in historic houses that are beautiful and full of character, but often tend to be inefficient and uncomfortable — particularly during the hot summers and bitter winters. Fortunately, making your older historic Maine home more livable is possible with high-performance insulation.
Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills
July 6, 2017

Though summer in Maine is perhaps as perfect as the season can get anywhere in the world, we’d all be lying to ourselves if we said there’s never a single need for air conditioning. From Rockland to Portland, summer temperatures can climb into the 90s or even higher, and we’ve already had a few days this year that have made doing anything more than sitting on the beach an uncomfortable experience. Naturally, AC serves a place throughout the Maine summer, but it can also drive your energy bills through the roof if you’re not careful.

keep cool this summer, evergreen home performance,
June 28, 2017
While turning up your air conditioner is a quick and easy fix to feeling too hot in your home, it is not as nice on your energy bills. Evergreen Home Performance has experts that can help you insulate your home, keeping you more comfortable during those hot days.
June 21, 2017

Many homes from the Rockland region down to the greater Portland, ME area are older or experience problems with inefficiency. When updating your home, you may tend to focus on more visible and cosmetic improvements like an updated kitchen or new flooring. This may mean that many necessary energy efficiency improvement projects get put on hold.

June 1, 2017

Spring may still be in the air, but we’ve already seen temperatures climb well into the 90s here in Midcoast and Southern Maine. This coming summer is shaping up to be a hot one, and the more you can do to keep your home cool, the more comfortable you and your family will be once the “dog days” arrive.

Many people think this means cranking the AC, cooking outside and setting up some extra fans, but what if we were to tell you that the answer to summer comfort can actually be found in upgrading your home’s insulation?


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