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Camden Select Board Member Jim Heard is getting an energy efficiency upgrade, thanks to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program and Evergreen Home Performance.  Heard and his wife, Misty Van Kennen, are the first Camden residents to take advantage of what he calls “this incredible opportunity.”

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Rockland Public Library: The Home Stretch

It's our last week at the Rockland Public Library.  We usually spend a week, maybe two, on a job, but then again, we usually work on homes.  A big municipal building is a different animal, and it's taken us almost seven weeks to tame this one.

Mind the Gap at the Rockland Public Library

It's pretty obvious that when we're air sealing, we're closing gaps.  What might surprise you is how many gaps there are, all over the most solid of buildings.  Gaps between trim and fireplace surrounds or windows:

Even "gaps" that are so big, and go so far, they may as well be portals to another universe:

Before Infrared Images from the Rockland Public Library

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: In the Walls

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: In the Basement

The main part of the Rockland Public Library's basement runs beneath the new section, shown at the top of this diagram.  Other than the Mechanical Room, this is all finished space, with rooms for teens and toddlers, meetings and book sales.

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: Up in the Attics

This is the Rockland Public Library in 1904:

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: Setting the Scene

Energy Assessment and Efficiency Recommendations

Although Evergreen focuses primarily on residential energy efficiency, we can't resist municipal projects in our own backyard.  So when the trustees of the Rockland Public Library approached us with concerns about high energy bills, uneven temperatures, and ice damming, we listened.


Case Studies

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