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A home energy audit is the last thing on the summer bucket list for most high school students, but that’s just what Jessie Knight found herself doing last month.  Knight shadowed Evergreen Home Performance Energy Advisor Liza Wheeler as part of a pilot program developed at the... Read more

Homeowners come to energy efficiency along all different paths.  Lee from South Portland, Maine had been thinking about it for years, but her preliminary research made the process seem overwhelming.  When she learned that Evergreen Home Performance offers a free one-hour consult, she... Read more

We’ve had a couple of Hey, do you ever work on community buildings? calls lately. 
The answer: You bet!

Are you living with one of the EPA’s list of top five environmental threats to public health?

Evergreen Home Performance is proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of MidCoast 102.5’s simulcast of the North Atlantic Blues Festival.  The annual two-day blues music festival is held at the Public Landing in Rockland, Maine, but Evergreen’s... Read more

We're avid readers here at Evergreen, and we've been telling everyone about Maggie Koerth-Baker's new book on the future of America's energy system.  Here's why.

It’s hard not to bring your work home with you – especially when your work focuses on homes.  That explains why the dinner-table conversation at my house tends to include insulation, basement encapsulation, and the potential of PACE and PowerSavers to transform Maine’s energy landscape.

Starting a business comes with plenty of headaches, but one of the many rewards comes from building an organization we’re proud of.  At Evergreen Home Performance, that means responsible business practices like family-friendly wages, on-the-job training, and health insurance for all of our employees.  It also means supporting the community organizations we care about.

One of our customers sent this our way.

It's about workplace rules, and how they bolster bureaucracy and undermine innovation.  They end up interfering with - even impairing - our progress towards core, mission-critical goals.  Barry Schwartz, who studies the link between economics and psychology, argues that the only solution is to encourage and embrace the practical wisdom that comes from doing.

When the head of the National Endowment of the Arts visited Rockland, Maine last week, he probably didn't expect to hear about energy efficiency contracting.  But in the story of Rockland's renaissance, art and the economy are intertwined, and Evergreen Home Performance has one of the staring roles.


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Matt and Christa knew that the home they had just purchased in the neighborhood they loved -- for the price they could afford -- was going to need a... Read More