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There are basements where people enjoy spending time.  They’re warm, dry, and cozy, and they make great playrooms, or guest rooms, or media rooms.  We imagine they’re something like Shangri-La: happy, idyllic, and – let’s be honest – fictional.

Happy June!  We're as happy to see warm, sunny weather as the next guy, but it's not because we're headed into three blissful months of vacation.  Home performance is a year-round endeavor.  Here are the top three reasons we spend the summer in hot attics instead of on hot beaches:

This is a guest post from ReVision Energy, Maine's leading installer of solar hot water and solar electric systems.  Evergreen frequently partners with ReVision on efficiency/solar projects

We'd heard that we should really be at the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce awards dinner Saturday night, so we had an inkling that something was up.

Still, we didn't dare think we might be named Small Business of the Year.  Not until the presenter referred to this year's winner as "geekishly committed to their mission," with the aside that "it's on their website, so I'm going with it," did we even consider it.

It's been a big week for this 1933 Rockland bungalow.

The news:  We've forged an innovative partnership with Maritime Energy designed to help homeowners and businesses satisfy their energy needs through good fuel service and energy efficiency.

A very entertaining video showing the connection between ice dams and home performance.

In the world of wine, a jeroboam is a double magnum, equal to four regular bottles.  The word had a different meaning at the Rockland Public Library Spelling Bee Tuesday night: victory.

As a realtor with Sotheby's, Tom Kruzshak sees a lot of lovely houses.  He also thinks about how those houses will feel - and function - for their new owners.  After meeting Evergreen President Richard Burbank at a pre-sale audit, Tom decided to tackle energy efficiency in his own home. This is his Evergreen Story:


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