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Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: In the Basement

The main part of the Rockland Public Library's basement runs beneath the new section, shown at the top of this diagram.  Other than the Mechanical Room, this is all finished space, with rooms for teens and toddlers, meetings and book sales.

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: Up in the Attics

This is the Rockland Public Library in 1904:

Retrofitting the Rockland Public Library: Setting the Scene

Energy Assessment and Efficiency Recommendations

Although Evergreen focuses primarily on residential energy efficiency, we can't resist municipal projects in our own backyard.  So when the trustees of the Rockland Public Library approached us with concerns about high energy bills, uneven temperatures, and ice damming, we listened.

Happy New Year!  2012 has long been anticipated as the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning The New Age of Light Bulbs.  As of yesterday, 100-watt light bulbs must be at least 25% more efficient their packages must explain their brightness, annual operating costsm, and expected life span.  75-watt bulbs will face the same standards next January, and 40- and 60-watt bulbs will... Read more

Homeowners considering energy efficiency projects ask a lot of the same questions.

Watch out, Black Friday and Cyber Monday: there's a new shopping day in town.  Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to kick off the holiday season on Main Street because, "When we all shop small, it will be huge." There's real possibility behind this feel-good slogan: half of America's... Read more

Their assignment is to design an energy-efficient house for an imaginary client, but the Architectural Drafting students at Camden Hills Regional High School have plenty of questions about the houses their families really live in.

Thermostats haven’t ever made the most fascinating dinner conversation – until now.  The new Nest Learning Thermostat is beautiful, functional, and efficient, and since its developers founded their own company after working for Apple, it comes with the hipster-seal-of-approval.  After designing iPods, iPhones, and their software, these... Read more


Case Studies

If you own a historic home, you understand how difficult it can be to optimize indoor comfort while also preserving the structure’s timeless beauty.... Read More