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Remember how strangely warm it was last week? Temperatures topped 50 degrees last week, but the National Weather Service predicts that sustained winds of 15-25 miles per hour will make it feel like 45 below zero this week.

Did you get that? 45 degrees BELOW zero.

As I mentioned on WERU's Common Health show this week, home performance is about a lot more than comfort and energy savings. Those things are important, of course, but they aren't worth a thing if your home isn't safe and healthy.

It was snowing Wednesday morning, but that didn't stop me from driving to WERU to participate in Jim Fisher's Common Health radio program. Bobbi Harris of Washington Hancock Community Agency and Maria Donahue of Healthy Acadia were also in the studio, and we had a lively talk about how to maintain safe, warm, healthy homes.

Some of the highlights:

This opinion piece by Evergreen CEO Richard Burbank and Energy Circle CEO Peter Troast appeared in the Portland Press Herald on December 15.

At the moment, the national political dialogue is focused on the looming "fiscal cliff," tax reform and economic policy.

This holiday season, invest in your family's comfort with a FREE energy efficiency consult from Evergreen Home Performance.  Our infrared analysis will identify the nooks, crannies, and uninsulated spaces that let warm air leak out of your home, and help us plan a comprehensive project to make your home warm, comfortable, and efficient.

Are you living with one of the EPA’s list of top five environmental threats to public health?

The cost of home heating oil in Maine inched up again last week to an average of $3.76 per gallon, according to the Governor’s Energy Office, which reports that current prices are 25 cents per gallon higher than at the same time last year.

Remember that queasy feeling that came along with school report cards?  Well, brace yourself, Maine: ACEEE’s 2012 State Energy Scorecard is out, and the results will give you a bellyache.


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