The kids aren’t even out of school yet, and next winter’s oil prices are already on everyone’s minds. That's because local oil companies are rolling out their budget plans for next winter’s heating season, presenting consumers with the annual debate: to pre-buy or not?

Every year, I look up this personal finance blog for its clear discussion of the most common options. He hasn't posted predictions for the coming heating season yet, but the concepts remain the same.

Except, of course, that there's an option that blogger doesn't even mention: energy efficiency. Instead of agonizing over how much to spend per gallon, savvy consumers are figuring out how to buy fewer gallons. We can help. The average Evergreen customer cuts home heating costs by more than 20%, so no matter what oil costs, they're spending a lot less..

Give us a call and get the efficiency ball rolling today - there's still time to qualify for Efficiency Maine rebates before they're gone!