Comprehensive: Complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something

When we talk about comprehensive home performance, we're usually referring to Evergreen's whole-house approach .  Every aspect of your house is interconnected, so we evaluate how heat, air, and moisture move and interact. It's a tricky business, which is why all of our Energy Advisors and more than half of our Production Technicians are certified by the Building Performance Institute.  That's comprehensive.

Some people suggest that you'll get better service from an energy auditor who doesn't work with BPI-certified Building Envelope Specialists, whose evaluation of your home isn't clouded by the realities of installation.  These independent auditors provide a great service, but we think they miss out on the next level of comprehensive.

At Evergreen Home Performance, evaluation is just the first step in achieving measurable improvements for your home.  Our Energy Advisors evaluate your home, share their findings, make specific recommendations based on sophisticated energy modelling, listen to your feedback, and craft a project that meets your goals.  THEN they meet with you and your Production Manager to walk through every aspect of that project. 

At the walk-through pictured here, Energy Advisor Cree Hale Krull and Production Manager Nate Spectre showed the homeowner exactly what they had planned.  Cree clarified exactly where he wanted the vapor barrier and drainage trenches; Nate agreed that the exisiting daylight drain would probably be sufficient, but suggested adding a sump pit in case a pump was necessary some day.  The back-and-forth went on for about an hour, and by the end Cree and Nate both had a few ideas they'll apply to future projects.

Yes, installation informs evaluation.  It should.  It has to.  It's not a conflict of interest; it's what comprehensive home perfomance really means.