Rockland Public Library: The Home Stretch

It's our last week at the Rockland Public Library.  We usually spend a week, maybe two, on a job, but then again, we usually work on homes.  A big municipal building is a different animal, and it's taken us almost seven weeks to tame this one.

There are more stakeholders involved in this project than in the typical home energy efficiency upgrade - Library patrons, Rockland taxpayers, Library staff, and City Council members, to name a few.  Since we aim to please, and to educate while we're at it, we've been tracking the project's progress on this blog, and Production Manager Svea Tullberg has been sending Library Director Amy Levine regular updates.  Svea has also given tours to reporters, photographers, members of the Rockland City Council, and Library staff - like Reference Librarian Dan O'Connor, right - all while managing the project.  (She's pretty amazing.)

Thanks for your patience, Rockland.  We're almost there, and we promise it's going to be worth the wait.