Don't be fooled: the recent drop in oil prices did little to relieve this winter's record heating costs. 

According to the Governor’s Energy Office, heating oil averaged $3.71 a gallon for the winter season. That means that the average homeowner, who uses 850 gallons of heating oil a year, spent $3,153 to stay warm. That's nearly twice what an average Maine homeowner paid for heat in the 2004-2005 season.

What's a homeowner to do? Not much, if you focus on the per-gallon cost of oil - but quite a bit if you look at the total number of gallons you need. Strategic air sealing and insulation can cut energy costs in most Maine homes by 25-50%. That adds up to a pretty good chunk of change. Get started with a FREE Energy Consult today, and protect yourself from whatever next heating season holds.