The grassroots Green Sneakers Project hosted an Energy Day last weekend to help interested homeowners learn how to slash their energy costs, keep warm, and help the planet. The group used Linda and Sam Nelson’s 200-year-old South Freeport home as a home performance laboratory. The day included:

  • An energy audit. Evergreen's founder Richard Burbank walked participants through the whole-house analysis, demonstrating the blower door test and pointing out areas of concern, especially in the basement and crawl spaces, where cold air flows in through uninsulated foundation walls.
  • An infrared analysis scavenger hunt. Richard gave teams infrared cameras to find spots where solar gain warmed uninsulated walls, and cold areas on the shady side of the house.
  • A solar site analysis from ReVision Energy.
  • A DIY interior storm window workshop led by Guy Marsden. Participants constructed a simple, effective window inserts to eliminate drafts and reduce heat loss.

“Weatherization and renewable energy are the keys to building a green economy,” said Joan Saxe, who organized the event for Sierra Club Maine. “Holding an open house in one of Maine’s old houses was a terrific opportunity to raise public awareness.”

Green Sneakers plans to follow up to encourage air sealing, insulation, window inserts, and solar energy improvements, and interested homeowners can contact us for a free one-hour consult and get started today!