Have you looked outside today?

We're still in the early stages of what's predicted to be a masive storm - and the early stages are proving to be much more intense than anyone expected.

The grocery stores were packed yesterday with people stocking up on bread, milk, and toilet paper, but real storm preparation takes a little more planning. It takes chopping extra wood and topping off the oil tank, and - best case scenario - it takes home energy upgrades.

Trust me: when the snow is falling and the wind is blowing, you want every BTU of heat you generate to warm your home, not your backyard. During a storm like this one, heat loss costs you money and keeps you cold. Heat loss can cause frozen pipes, and heat loss also leads to ice dams that can cause major headaches - and major property damage.

Honestly, there's enough to worry about during a storm of this magnitude. Someone's always going to have to shovel the sidewalk and lug the sleds up from the bottom of the hill, but some storm headaches can be eliminated for good. Schedule a free one-hour energy consult today, and find out how easy the next storm can be.