June 1, 2017

Spring may still be in the air, but we’ve already seen temperatures climb well into the 90s here in Midcoast and Southern Maine. This coming summer is shaping up to be a hot one, and the more you can do to keep your home cool, the more comfortable you and your family will be once the “dog days” arrive.

Many people think this means cranking the AC, cooking outside and setting up some extra fans, but what if we were to tell you that the answer to summer comfort can actually be found in upgrading your home’s insulation?

Anxious about the summer heat? The team at Evergreen Home Performance is here to put your mind at ease, and it all starts with new insulation.

How Insulation Helps to Keep Your Home Cool

If there’s one myth about insulation that seems to perpetuate itself with each passing year, it’s that the material primarily exists to keep the chilly Maine weather at bay during the winter months. While insulation certainly does play a crucial role throughout the winter, it’s just as important for keeping the hot summer air from affecting indoor temperatures.

Essentially, insulation provides resistance to heat transfer, which is why it’s so important for keeping heat inside when it’s cold out. The material actually works in an opposite manner during the summer, keeping the heat from outside from entering and allowing your conditioned indoor air to stay cool and comfortable.

Insulation is effective on its own, but it can only reach its true potential when combined with air sealing. Most homes are riddled with cracks and gaps that are so small they can barely be seen, yet these innocuous breaches in the building envelope can allow unwanted airflow to occur on a constant basis. Air sealing is the process of closing-up these gaps so that your conditioned air stays inside, while also preventing outside air from entering.

If insulation is like a sweater for your home, air sealing is the windbreaker that allows it to do its job—no matter what time of year it is.

Insulation & Your Air Conditioner

In the vast a majority of circumstances, even the best air conditioners will have an exceptionally difficult time cooling a home that hasn’t been properly insulated. Homes that lack insulation tend to be prone to temperature swings, which means your AC will constantly be cycling on and off while never really getting indoor temperatures to stay where they should be.

The end result means you’re spending more money on your electricity bill to be less comfortable than you should be. Insulate and air seal, however, and the difference can be felt (and seen in your energy bill) as soon as the work is completed.

Think insulation is just for the winter months? Think again—your summer comfort depends on it.

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