Midcoast Maine got 18" of snow this week, on top of the foot-plus that fell over the weekend.

It's fluffy and beautiful and very, very likely to end up as ice dams on our old Maine houses. Those icicles are awfully pretty, but they're also awfully dangerous - to you and your home. Even if they don't crash to the ground, pull off your gutters, or cause melting water to back up and leak into your home, ice dams mean one thing: warm air is leaking into your attic and out through the roof.

That's right: you're paying good money (and burning good oil, propane, or wood) to make those ice dams.

Some people will tell you to buy a new roof rake, install heat tape, or just wait for spring, but attic air sealing and insulation can solve the problem for good. Schedule a free energy consult to find out how.