Why to Invest in Comprehensive Home Improvements that Make a Real Difference

The home improvement world is full of quick tips to save energy: switch to LED bulbs, add a draft guard to the front door, program your thermostat, install a low-flow shower head…. You can make all of these changes – and you probably should – but don’t be surprised if this so-called “low hanging fruit” doesn’t yield huge results. The reality is that real results require real investment – and anything less may leave you disappointed.

Nate Adams, over at Energy Smart Home Performance in Ohio, explains it with this graph:

The red line represents what we think should happen: big results fast.
The blue line represents what actually happens: good results, but only after enough investment.
That gap between lines – what Nate calls the Gulf of Disappointment – is where a lot of low-hanging fruit ends up.

The good news is what happens once those lines cross: we get into the Sea of Success.

Nate describes the other side of that tipping point as the place “where good things really start to happen. Homes become supremely comfortable. Indoor Air Quality improves drastically which affects both the health and safety of the home. Moisture problems are reduced, extending the life of the structure. And real efficiency gains begin to show up.”

At Evergreen, we like to swim in the Sea of Success. We like to leave you in awe of your results, padding around in your socks on your warm floors, with your fuel bill in your hand and a smile on your face. That’s why we start every home performance project with a free whole-house energy consult and a thorough energy audit. We use that data to engineer and install comprehensive improvements that solve the problems you care about.

If you're ready to take a dip in the Sea of Success, contact us for a free consult.