Education is big part of the work we do at Evergreen - and of the work our friends do at ReVision Energy. See, no one starts out understanding R-value or air sealing or photovoltaics. Years of training and hands-on experience has made us all a bunch of building science geeks and we're ridculously eager to share what we know. After all, the only reason we know this stuff is because someone taught us.

This committment to helping you understand how your house works - and how it could work better - is the reason we offer a free one-hour energy consult (and ReVision offers a free solar site assessment). It's also the reason we team up for information sessions like last week's Everything You Wanted to Know About Home Energy but Were Afraid to Ask.

Thirty women joined us at the beautiful Cellardoor Winery to learn home energy basics, including heating systems, hot water generation, and fuel choices, and how to manage home energy expenses with efficiency and renewable energy. The result: spirited conversation, interesting questions, inspiring stories, and a few more building science geeks in the training.