Our newest Production Manager graduated from a Dale Carnegie course in Effective Communication last night.  Like Evergreen’s other managers, David Holmes spent 3.5 hours a week for eight weeks studying human relations and practicing his communication skills.  His Outstanding Performance Award proves that he did well - but why did he do it at all?

“Contractors don’t usually send their crew chiefs to Dale Carnegie training,” said Evergreen president Richard Burbank. “But our crews are doing a lot more than insulation. It’s their job to make the customer’s construction experience as efficient and comfortable as possible. We see our production crews as a key part of our Customer Service team, and we want to help them do their best for our customers.”

Richard got involved with the Dale Carnegie program through an Efficiency Maine training on how best to offer efficiency upgrades, and he recognized the power of emphasizing positive customer interactions right away.  “This emphasis on kind, respectful interactions is the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy,” Burbank said.

Evergreen is committed to providing Dale Carnegie training for its staff, which made possible thanks to support from Goodwill Workforce Solutions.

“We really want to empower workers to communicate clearly, relate compassionately, and make intelligent choices while they’re working,” explained Elise Brown, our Executive Vice President.  “Effective communications training may not be immediately profitable, but it’s the right thing for our customers and for our staff.”