Yesterday was the final test-out for my attic insulation & basement encapsulation project. See, an Evergreen Home Performance project isn't really over until the Energy Adviser reviews the project, so Jessie came over to see how things looked.

The short answer: They look pretty terrific.



Jessie's test-out started with the most important thing: combustion safety. This crucial test confirms that all combustion appliances (boiler, furnace, water heater, etc.) are operating safely. Jessie verified that  - even with the dryer, kitchen hood, and bathroom fan pulling air out of the house - flue gases are venting outside and we have 0 ppm carbon monoxide.

Next came the blower door test. Our full Evergreen project - Phase 1 in the attached barn and Phase 2 in the original house - has cut our overall air leakage by 55%.

That number makes it easy to congratulate ourselves on making a smart investment - and to congratulate the crew on a job well done. (Thanks, guys!) But honestly, we already knew that the project made a difference.

The slightly dank smell in the front hall? Gone. The frigid tiles on the kitchen floor? Only cool. The breeze in my daughter's bedroom. Still. The guilt and anxiety over what our oil consumption means for our wallets - and the world? Allieviated.

It feels pretty terrific.