I've been waiting for this for years. Talking to homeowners about the benefits of attic insulation and basement encapsulation, and wishing for those improvements for my own old house. And now, I have finally Evergreened My Home.

The attic is air sealed, and there's a uniform R-60 layer of cellulose, so my daughter's previously-uninsulated bedroom is actually warm.

And the basement. Oh, the basement! I don't cringe when I walk down the stairs. I don't hold my breath and scan the corners anxiously. I don't feel like I've entered some creepy netherworld. I'm not saying the basement is going to be the new playroom or anything, but it feels like part of our house.

A durable vapor barrier covers the uneven dirt floor (which had been poorly covered by some knucklehead) and rubblestone walls. Spray foam insulation extends from the rim joists to a foot below grade, sealing the vapor barrier and keeping air, moisture, dust, and worse from sneaking in to my basemen - and my breathing zone. (It also covers all manner of home repair sins - like the ratty pink stuff visible in the photo below, left.)

Already, my house feels different. Warmer, yes - it's awfully nice not to shiver when I go in to kiss my daughter goodnight - but also taken care of. Like I've finally addressed a nagging problem and finally get to relax. I guess that's the "peace of mind" Evergreen's customers have been telling me about for years. I like it.