With last week’s sub-zero temperatures, it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten a fair number of calls about frozen pipes.

At best, water freezes and expands in a cold, exposed pipe, and renders that pipe unusable for a time. At worst, frozen water bursts the pipe, causing significant damage. And worst of all are the stories of homeowners who try to thaw frozen pipes and end up starting a fire.

In emergency situations, your plumber (or – yikes! – the fire department) should be your first call, but the long-term solution to frozen pipes is a home performance one. The reason is simple: pipes in an air-sealed, well-insulated home won’t be subject to the dramatic temperature fluctuations that encourage problems. Forget the advice to keep the faucet running all night, or to wrap a pipe with “temporary” heat tape. It's time to improve your home’s energy efficiency, once and for all.

Don’t believe it’ll make a difference? Consider the case of Mary June Smith, who used to rush to turn on the tap every winter morning, praying that the pipes hadn’t frozen overnight. After Evergreen air sealed and insulated the leaky basement and exposed ductwork in Smith’s St. George, Maine home, Smith reports that “the difference is astounding.  I've stopped even thinking about frozen pipes, and I used to think about the pipes all the time.”

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