The Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010 provides financial incentives for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their homes through substantive, effective improvements that save homeowners money, reduce our country’s carbon emissions, help to mitigate climate change, and put tens of thousands of Americans back to work.  There are two levels to the program: here's the long (Gold Star) and short (Silver Star) of it:

Gold Star Rebates:

Comprehensive energy retrofits guaranteed to save at least 20% on energy costs will earn homeowners working with BPI-certified contractors $3,000 rebates. Additional energy savings earn additional rebates.

Silver Star Rebates:

Energy projects like insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, water heater upgrades, HVAC upgrades, windows, roofing and doors can earn homeowners rebates of up to $1,000-$1,500 per project to cover 50% of the project cost, for a maximum of $3000 per home.  The upgrades must include the most energy efficient products available, and nstallations need to be made by a BPI-certified contractor.