Camden Select Board Member Jim Heard is getting an energy efficiency upgrade, thanks to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program and Evergreen Home Performance.  Heard and his wife, Misty Van Kennen, are the first Camden residents to take advantage of what he calls “this incredible opportunity.”

Under PACE, homeowners pursuing eligible energy improvements can borrow up to $15,000 at 4.99 percent.  The loans have a term of up to 15 years and are transferrable upon the sale of a property.  “At these rates, and amortized over this many years – PACE makes energy efficiency really affordable, even if cash flow is a concern,” said Heard.  “This will be money well spent.”

Heard and Van Kennen worked with Evergreen to engineer a comprehensive project that improves their comfort and reduces their overall energy use by at least 25%, as required by PACE.  Energy Advisor Brian Robinson recommended sealing attic air leaks and installing dense-packed cellulose in the attic and sidewalls. 

“The fiberglass they had in the attic really wasn’t the right product for the job, and it wasn’t very well installed,” Robinson explained.  Fiberglass insulation is porous, which means any drafts travel through it easily.  Air sealing prevents those drafts, and dense-packed cellulose provides a much more efficient layer of insulation.

“I really hope people will recognize what an opportunity this is and jump on board,” said Heard.  “I don’t like heating the outdoors if I don’t have to, and this is something we can do to control how much energy we use.”

PACE may be new to Camden, but it's not new to Evergreen Home Performance.  We helped Rockland homeowners Michael and Jody Herbert cut their energy consumption by 35% in Maine's first PACE project. Federally funded and administered by Efficiency Maine, the PACE program must be authorized in each municipality before homeowners can apply for a loan, and was adopted by Camden voters last November.  For more information about PACE, including a list of the 108 Maine municipalities that have already adopted the program, visit