You might think that dank basements and hot attics would provide enough excitement for Energy Advisor Jessie Davis. You'd be wrong.

Jessie is training for a 3-mile ocean swim to Islesboro, one of fifteen year-round island communities off the coast of Maine. The swim is a fundraiser for the Lifeflight Foundation, which provides emergency medical services for Maine's rural and island communities. 

“As I thought about swimming to Islesboro, I became focused on the effort it would take to cross from the mainland to the island, and realized that was a pretty good metaphor for what it takes to provide emergency services to rural and offshore communities in Maine,” says Jessie. “I decided to swim for LifeFlight as I feel that with their statewide reach and critical place in the emergency medical service chain, it’s something every Mainer should take pride in and stand behind.”

The swim began as a personal challenge, but LifeFlight has embraced it and has broadened the initial idea into the “Islesboro Crossing,” a team swim scheduled for Saturday, August 17. Experienced swimmers who are interested in being part of the team can register before August 2. Those who'd like to support the swim from dry land can make a pledge online.

Evergreen will make a corporate contribution in Jessie's name - as we do for every employee who participates in an athletic charitable fundraiser - and many of us will make personal contributions as well.