Have you seen the series of ads from Allstate that focus on worst-case-scenario home situations in order to emphasize the importance of a good home insurance policy? There are a number of ads in the series, but the one that caught our attention focuses on water heaters.

The ad is funny (sort of), but combustion safety is no joke. While it’s true that a malfunctioning water heater could explode, the more pressing danger from any combustion appliance – including your water heater – is CO poisoning. CO is a dangerous by-product of combustion, and since it accumulates in your body, even small leaks can lead to serious health problems.

Allstate’s point is that a better insurance policy will protect you in the case of a combustion equipment catastrophe. We suggest something a little more proactive: bring in a home performance specialist who understands how your house works as a system, and avoid the catastrophes all together.

We’re game if you are, so give us a call.